Exploring the Oregon Zoo: A Beaverton Gem

Situated just a short drive from Beaverton, the Oregon Zoo is a beloved attraction that captivates visitors with its diverse array of animals and immersive exhibits. Nestled within the lush surroundings of Washington Park in Portland, this zoo offers a memorable experience for families, nature enthusiasts, and animal lovers alike. Information can be found here.

Diverse Animal Exhibits:

One of the Oregon Zoo’s main draws is its impressive collection of animals from around the world. From majestic elephants and playful primates to exotic birds and aquatic species, the zoo is home to over 1,800 animals representing nearly 250 species. Visitors can observe these fascinating creatures up close and learn about their habitats, behaviors, and conservation status through informative exhibits and educational programs. Discover facts about Mountain View Champions Park: A Gem in Beaverton, OR.

Conservation and Education:

Beyond providing a glimpse into the animal kingdom, the Oregon Zoo is committed to conservation and education efforts. Through initiatives such as the Oregon Zoo Foundation and the Future for Wildlife program, the zoo supports wildlife conservation projects locally and globally. Educational programs and interactive exhibits aim to raise awareness about conservation issues and inspire visitors to take action to protect the planet’s biodiversity.

Immersive Experiences:

In addition to its animal exhibits, the Oregon Zoo offers a variety of immersive experiences that allow visitors to engage with wildlife in unique ways. The Elephant Lands exhibit, for example, provides an expansive habitat for the zoo’s resident elephants, complete with opportunities for close-up viewing and educational presentations. Other highlights include the Great Northwest exhibit, which showcases native species such as black bears and bald eagles in a naturalistic setting.

Family-Friendly Attractions:

With its wide range of attractions and activities, the Oregon Zoo is an ideal destination for families with children. In addition to animal exhibits, the zoo features a children’s zoo area with interactive play areas, a petting zoo, and hands-on educational activities. Seasonal events such as ZooLights, a winter holiday light display, and summer concerts add to the family-friendly atmosphere.

Accessibility and Amenities:

The Oregon Zoo strives to make its facilities accessible to all visitors. Wheelchair-accessible pathways, ramps, and viewing areas ensure that everyone can enjoy the zoo’s attractions comfortably. Amenities such as dining options, gift shops, and rest areas are also available throughout the park, providing convenience and comfort for guests of all ages.


From its diverse animal exhibits to its commitment to conservation and education, the Oregon Zoo offers a rewarding experience for visitors of all interests and ages. Whether you’re marveling at elephants, learning about endangered species, or enjoying a day out with the family, a visit to this Beaverton-area gem is sure to leave a lasting impression.